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Business Pilot

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Business Pilot understand that Momentum is important in business. We recognise that it is essential not to get distracted from you business operations for too long. The precious time you have available must be invested in high pay-off activities. A Business Pilot coached business plan builds your high performance sales strategy, and it is fully integrated with marketing which is why it gets results.

Your business plan is created in a simple and efficient process that only needs a few hours of your valuable time each week. Business Pilot will help you to think strategically, overcome barriers to success and accelerate your business performance, increasing growth and profit.

Are you “Too busy not to plan?” The truth is that it takes just as much time to dream as it does to plan. Well conceived strategies, put into action will enable you to navigate towards your business and personal goals.

Business Pilot equips time poor business owners with practical and affordable strategic business plans and coaching, enabling them to work on their business while staying on the pulse.

  • Do you have a vision for your business?
  • Do you have enough working capital to run you business without stress?
  • Does your provide you with the personal freedom and lifestyle you deserve?
  • Are you at the beginning of creating your dream business?
  • Are you seeking to exit your business?

Clear Vision:

It is said that an aircraft heading from Sydney to Los Angeles is “off-course” 97 percent of the time. This means that the flight will only reach its destination on-time if it is constantly correcting its direction towards the target. Without a clear knowledge of the target, the plane might easily end up in Alaska! The same is true of any business. Leaders without clear vision have a tendency to make decisions in a reactive manner, and they are heavily influenced by emotions. When the business owner has a clear vision, shared with their team, they are able to be proactive, and their decisions are based on accurate information rather than emotions.

Working Capital:

One of the primary reasons for business failure is insufficient working capital. It has been proven that business owners with an excellent business plan are twice as likely to get the working capital they need to run and grow their business. Lack of working capital creates a lot of stress, and this decreases your performance dramatically. When there is sufficient working capital to pay your bills and develop your business, you get more sleep, have more energy and your ability to be creative is enhanced. Having a strategic business plan with 3 way financials increases your chances of raising the capital you need 2-fold.

Freedom and lifestyle:

A survey of small to medium business owners asked the question, “What do you value most?” Interestingly most of those surveyed responded with “personal freedom” as the answer. Very few people would rate their business as the most important thing in their lives, however business growth and prosperity is fundamental in the fulfilment of our most valued aspects of life such as family, spouses, spirituality, friends, recreation and many other important things we love to enjoy. Often, we start out with a dream of a business that will provide all the time and money we need to enjoy the things we value most only to find that we end up time-poor and cash-strapped. A well thought out strategy that is put into action is the only way to avoid being ensnared in a business trap. Freedom and the lifestyle we deserve is described by Stephen Covey as the ability to “Live, to love and leave a legacy” This does not happen by accident, it can only come about through implementing a great business plan.

Exit strategy and Succession Planning

Baby boomers were born post war, in the period 1946 – 1961. Over the next 15 to 20 years, it is estimated that 5.5 million Australian baby boomers will be exiting their business. This has been described quite accurately as a tsunami of businesses coming on the market, amounting to about 420,000 businesses. These businesses account for approximately half of the small businesses in Australia responsible for 25% of the GDP. With so many businesses coming onto the market, this creates a very competitive landscape for those wishing to sell their business.

You may be one of these business owners, having poured your heart and soul into your work. You may have invested your life’s savings, your super and even equity in your family home. Such small business owners often consider their business an investment to replace or supplement superannuation. A well-conceived exit strategy or succession plan seeks to achieve a high return on investment upon the sale of the business. This may be achieved by focusing on future potential rather that past results. After all, this is what the potential buyer is seeking. Past performance is not necessarily a good predictor of future potential, especially where there is no business plan in place.

A succession plan seeks to identify recurring income and passive revenue streams. Once identified, and leveraged through developing a strategy and putting it into action, these forms of revenue improve the value of the business and a well-timed strategy will secure a prosperous and rewarding retirement strategy.

It is time to start making your dreams a reality?

If you are too busy NOT to plan, call us today on +61 0421 713 140 and we will show you how to navigate towards your goals and dreams, and leave a lasting legacy.

I have found so much benefit from the casual sessions that we have had that I have enlisted Chris’s services for the coming 12 months. I know that I will continue to be challenged to expand my thinking and actions, which in turn will see TCY Coaching & Motivation grow to be one of the premier coaching and motivation companies in Australia.

Celine Eagan, The Complete You Coaching Company

Just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic process you took me through with the plan2grow program. I took your advice and marketed my business using the business plan that was the end result of our 3 days of meetings and ended up with an amazing result!!

Dr. David, Wellness Clinic

Business Planning Consultant Business Coach

Nov 2016 – May 2017

5.00 *****

I have been enjoying working with Chris. Chris’ solid business development and marketing experience can be a great support to any startup or business looking into growing. Looking forward to working with you again soon. Thanks Chris.
Wilson, Solar Solutions

Who is it for?

  • Busy owners, wanting an affordable, results focused business plan with a minimum of fuss.

  • Businesses raising finance for working capital or wanting to attract equity partners.

  • Those wanting to think strategically, identify what works and put their ideas into action.

  • Business owners wanting to increase the value of their business.

  • Entrepreneurs with a vision for exiting the business with maximum return on investment.

  • Owners looking for the recurring revenues and passive income streams within their business.

  • Leaders wanting to prosper personally,  and make a positive impact on the world, leaving a lasting legacy.


5 Pillars of Every Successful Business

We will help you get all five parts of the value cycle working together in order to succeed
Find Out How

How do you rate yourself at “Creating value”, what do you offer that engages your clients emotions? Do you have a business plan?


How good are you at telling the world about your product or services? Effective Internet Marketing will provide a constant steam of qualified leads.


How good are you at converting inquiries to high performance sales? Is your team effective at getting customers to make buying decisions?


Can you consistently deliver “Quality products, On-Time, At the Right Price”? Internet Marketing builds sales. You will need the capacity to deliver.


Are you satisfied with your results? Do you have a 3 way financial forecast as part of your business plan? Are you prospering and increasing your wealth?