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Advanced Mentoring for Personal Growth and Business Performance

Inside-Out looks at how you are "wired-for-life" and provides the necessary insight that will enable you to take your life and business to the next level.

Who is it for?

  • Business leaders wanting to explore what energises and motivates us.
  • Business leaders who want to become more effective through doing more of what they do best.
  • Those seeking a better way of relating to and motivating their staff.

"Business Pilot has helped take my business and life to where I want it to be."

Scott Lovell

Inside-Out examines behaviours, motivators and attributes. It will enable you to achieve more through doing less by focusing on what you do best.

We are complex beings (you may have noticed that!)
Inside-Out uses state of the art tools and analysis to produce a comprehensive report that provides insight into how you are wired and lays the cornerstone for mentoring with an experienced Business Pilot.
You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your leadership profile.

Inside-Out includes 3 mentoring sessions to enhance your self-knowledge, aiming to build:

  • Leadership skills
  • People Management skills
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Understanding of life and business purpose

Business Planning, Mentoring & Strategic Thinking

"We will help you to think strategically and together we will develop a rigorous business plan in a simple and efficient 3 stage process. We will mentor you through implementation of that plan so that you can achieve your goals and dreams, leaving a lasting legacy"

Business Pilot

"Self-knowledge is the beginning of self-improvement."
- Baltasar Gracián


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