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Coached Business Plans and Marketing Plans

A powerful catalyst to
plan 2 grow delivers a clever strategic business plan. Together we will examine your current situation, map where you want to go and enable you to navigate to your goals.
Who is it for?

  • Business leaders wanting to accelerate progress and achieve worthwhile goals.
  • Business leaders who enjoy thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions and ideas.
  • Leaders wanting to analyse what works in their business and put fresh ideas into action.

"It is wonderful to be surrounded by people who are genuinely interested in my business and passionate about seeing me succeed."

Paul Wilson

"Plan2grow has given me a new lease on life! I am excited about the future potential of the business. It has given me a realistic target for the future."

David Dineen

plan 2 grow examines underlying values, passion and purpose. It establishes clear aims, goals and vision and provides an opportunity to consolidate and grow your position in your industry or market.
plan 2 grow provides you with powerful tools to analyse your current situation from several different perspectives, including your clients, your staff and your accountants. We ‘demystify’ your figures and prepare a three year budget including profit and loss, balance sheet and cash-flow forecast.
plan 2 grow delivers powerful action plans covering your staff, clients, products, marketing, sales, finances and more to help you achieve your goals.

Business Planning, Mentoring & Strategic Thinking

"We will help you to think strategically and together we will develop a rigorous business plan in a simple and efficient 3 stage process. We will mentor you through implementation of that plan so that you can achieve your goals and dreams, leaving a lasting legacy"

Business Pilot

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