The Power of the Pause.

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The Power of the Pause.

The Power of the Pause

Discover the power of the pause for busy leaders who are too busy NOT to pause.

“The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause” Mark Twain

There is a war going on in our lives, each and every day. It may take many common forms such as digital disruption, complexity, disengaged employees, financial stress – the list is exhausting! Whatever the form in which it arrives, the result is often that we find ourselves too busy to pause and reflect. The reality is that we are “Too busy not to pause”. Reflective thinking provides a means by which we can process complex things and find solutions that will lead to harmony, satisfaction and fulfillment. Personally I find no better way to pause than drifting lazily across the Coral Sea, meditating upon the beauty of creation as the clouds drift by. How about you? What are some creative ways in which you can  create a precious moment to pause, reflect and allow the creative powers of the soul to find the answers you are looking for?

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